How to Install Google Playstore on Kindle Fire Tablets

Google Playstore installation steps on Kindle Fire tablets

The Kindle Fire is the Kindle e-book reader mini tablet computer on When announced on September 28, 2011, Kindle Fire has a 7-inch multi-touch screen with IPS technology and uses a modified version of Android. This device was released on November 15, 2011 in the United States, and features access to the Amazon Appstore, streaming movies and television shows, and reading Kindle electronic books.

The Kindle Fire was the second best-selling tablet after Apple's iPad in October 2012. Estimated sales at that time were around 7 million units according to estimates by Forrester Research and in 2013 the Amazon tablet was ranked as the fourth best seller. 

The creation of the Kindle Fire was motivated by Amazon's own business strategy which was originally to make money through selling digital content on Kindle Fire, rather than through selling the device itself. From the first generation onwards the Kindle Fire has been recognized by several different names. Until the ninth generation there are 3 mentions namely Fire, Fire HD and Fire HDX. 

In the first generation, Kindel Fire uses the Android OS 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). In the next generation with the name Kindle Fire HD using the Android OS 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Developments in various lines continue. However, the Kindle Fire operating system still uses Android as the operating system. 

Even though the Kindle Fire has the Android operating system, there are not many basic applications that are usually found on smartphones or other Android OS tablets. Even the application that is considered the most basic and important namely Google Playstore is not available here. However, it is not impossible to install Google Playstore on Kindle Fire. You can install it manually with the steps which I will share below.

Google Playstore installation kit

  1. Google Play Store 
  2. Google Play Service
  1. Google Services Framework
  1. Google Account Manager

Google Playstore installation steps on Kindle Fire tablets

  1. Go to Setting > Security & Privacy > Activate the Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Install all applications that have been downloaded. 
After successful, you can open Playstore and sign in with a google account.


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