How to send music to iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Send music or file to Apple Inc

Unlike others,  Apple Inc. products are indeed not as easy and flexible to use as compared to its competitors, Android.
Apple has long been popular in the mobile phone industry, which they call the iPhone. However, there are actually many other Apple products. When I heard the word iPhone, I imagined a premium smartphone that was expensive. The next thing is about the security system. It's a matter of security, the iPhone is the winner. This can be seen from the iPhone users when forgot the iCloud account. No one can handle it from the technicians. As a result, many Apple products are sold cheaply or unused because they are iCloud locked because they forgot their account or password. Yes, maybe that's the step of Apple Inc. in increasing security for its users. The Apple ecosystem in the future is also growing. Its products include laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and others.

On the other hand, Apple's ecosystem does require different treatment, unlike its Android or other competitors. Therefore, if you are familiar with Android or Windows it will be a little difficult if you switch to the Apple ecosystem. Vice versa. One of the cases that I also discuss this time is in terms of sending music files. We can't just send music files to the Apple ecosystem. In this problem, we need a special way that is quite difficult for us. For those who are still having trouble, I will share how to send music or songs to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.




  1. Install iTunes, then open iTunes.
  2. Connect the gadget to the PC, wait until it is detected by iTunes.
  3. Locate the files or folders to be sent to your iPhone, Ipad, or Ipod.
  4. Drag files or folders to your iPhone, Ipad, or Ipod folder in iTunes.

  1. After finished, you can play the music or song that was just sent in the iTunes program to make sure the file has entered the memory of your iPhone, Ipad, or iPod.


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